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Cat Care Naples FLCats have a special place in our hearts at Lovett’s – and that bond is the one we share with cat lovers. Our cat sitting services in Naples are designed with your “four-legged fur babies” in mind, and is guaranteed to have them purring like a happy kitty while you are away.

Cats need a lot of love, and can tell if someone has a good heart. You will be able to see the bond between us and your pets – and you will know that they are in good hands while you are away from home.

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LovettsYahooPetSitterReviewsNaplesFLPlease contact us to have Melanie and Robbie come meet with you personally to discuss your needs. Call Melanie now at (239) 465-6295 – You won’t get an answering machine! If we can not pickup the phone, you will get a call back within a few minutes – Guaranteed!

Cat Sitting Services in Naples Include:Royal Harbor FL Cat Sitter

  • 24 Hour Cat Sitter Services – Perfect if you have to stay in the hospital, if you are on a cruise / vacation / travelling, and even if you have to go out of town on work with a 24 hour notice – Also Perfect For Kittens When You Need to Leave Town but can’t bring them!
  • Overnight Cat Sitters – We stay with your cats when you can’t be at home at night and they need personalized care
  • Daily Cat Visits – We shower your cats with plenty of treats, love, and attention – 1,2, or 3 Times each Day – Perfect when you can’t be home during lunch or right after work!
  • Kitty / Kitten DayCare – We stay with your kittens while you are at work – Perfect for special needs cats and tiny little kittens that need 24 hour care.
  • Cat Transportation to Groomer and Vet: We schedule their visits, bring them, stay with them, and bring them home for you! Perfect for working parents.

Why Choose An In-Home Cat Sitter When You are Away from Home?

best cat sitting naples flCats do not typically do well in tiny confined areas or where there are other dogs barking for long periods. The safest environment for most cats is home, and bringing kittens to a pet boarding or kennel in Naples is expensive and could expose them to illness.

Our in-home cat sitting solution solves that! We stay right in the comfort of your home with your cats – where we feed them, clean up, and play with them. This helps them by keeping their daily routine the same, and giving them the quality love and attention they need each day.

Benefits of In Home Cat Sitting over Cat Boarding or Pet Kennelsbest cat sitting in naples fl

  • You will not need to transport your cats to the cat boarding or pet kennels – will easily save 2 hours time plus the cost of gas!
  • Cats will not remain in confined caged space – most cats do better with wide open spaces and plenty of toys to play with. The other scents of cats and dogs could make your cat nervous though.
  • No Need to give your cat a bath when they get home! Although cats groom themselves, they will smell like other animals and like the kennel they last stayed in for days.
  • No Kennel Cough or Fleas – Yes – they can get parasites and get sick from other animals! – Why not avoid the medical expense and time? What happens if your kitty needs to be picked up from the kennel to go to the vet?
  • Much Lower Cat and Kitten anxiety levels – Cats really love us! We will come by and show you just how much when you give us a call.
  • No Worries about Pet Boarding being closed. Sometimes planes and travel plans arrive late and the Pet boarding and kennels in Naples are closed – and your kitty has to wait in their small space until you can come and get them.

Cat Sitter Rates and Pricing in Naples Florida

Naples kitty sitterTypically, our cat sitting and prices for Naples, Fl are:

  • 30 – 60 Minute Cat Visit: $20 to $30 (includes treats, clean up, feeding, and lots of playtime)
  • Daily Cat Sitting Plans Now Available – Upon request at 30% discount
  • Overnight/24 Hour In-Home Cat Sitting: $50-100 (includes treats, playtime, slumber party, constant care)
  • Kitten / Cat Transportation to Vet and Groomer: $30-50 (includes treats, transportation and scheduling)

 Factors That Affect Cat Sitting Rates Above:

  • Dates you need us to watch your cats
  • Number of cats
  • The Temperament of your Cats
  • What cat sitting/daily cat sitter services you desire and how many times per day
  • Your location in Naples Florida


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